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About Us

I first got into Hypnosis back in 2008. I was 210 pounds and wanted to be a Fire Fighter at the

time. I knew I needed to lose weight or I would not be able to perform the duties o

f being a firefighter, so I began my journey to lose weight

. After feeling like I’ve tried everything else (Weight loss pills, Personal Trainer, Diet shakes, Food supplements, etc.) I was feeling hopeless.

 I was driving home one day and I saw an ad for Weight Loss Hypnosis, and I thought to myself, thats one more avenue I can try. I lost a total of 47 pounds using hypnosis and have managed to keep it off for 9+ years!

After exploring options in a firefighter career for a few years, and realizing people try upwards of 10 years to become a firefighter, I decided to see what else I can do to help people for a living. As I  contemplated what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, an email popped into my email box. This email was from the hypnosis clinic that I went to back in 2008. It was for a upcoming hypnosis training. I remembered back on the time that I had using hypnosis to lose weight and I began to get excited about being able to help others on their journeys to reach their goals.

I trained with The Hypnotist Academy, and worked with Robert Harrison, at the Bay Area Hypnosis Center since 2012. After a few years with The Bay Area Hypnosis Center, I decided it was time to open a Hypnosis Center in the East Bay. With the Blessing of Robert and The Bay Area Hypnosis Center, I have set out to help clients in Contra Costa County with Contra Costa Hypnosis Center.

I have also had extensive training with The Hypnotist Academy in the Ultimate Hypnosis Business System and is a licensed provider.

About Our ‘Ultimate Hypnosis’ Programs

This center is a licensed provider of the following programs: Ultimate Weight Loss Program, Ultimate Quit Smoking Program, and Stress Reduction Made Simple Program.

Robert W. Harrison, Creator of the Ultimate Hypnosis Programs

These programs have helped thousands of people, all over the world to lose weight, quit smoking, and reduce stress for over 14 years.

Each program is results based and proven effective with documented results. They are truly ‘Best in Class’ and we are proud to be able to bring them to you.

All ‘Ultimate Hypnosis Programs’ were created by Robert W. Harrison, a 20+ year veteran in the field of Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Coaching.

Founder of the Bay Area Hypnosis Center, The Hypnotist Academy, Professionals Edge, and partner in NLP of California, Robert has has dedicated his life to helping others help themselves create a more fulfilling life.   He is an pioneer in the field of behavioral change, habit control, and human potential.  He now spends his time teaching and training Hypnosis & Coaching Professionals internationally and working with Corporations to improve their health and wellness programs.